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Week 15- Remix

The internet allows people to express their creativity with a wide variety of people. It allows people to freely express themselves with the world, but along with freedom comes the fear of judgement from other people. The internet allows people to freely express themselves, but that also means that it allows other people to express their opinions which can either be negative or positive. The internet can empower people to post and create things, but it is also risky because it allows everyone to judge your work. I don’t know a lot about Copyright, but I believe it is currently working well as it is. I think if it had to be modified that it could maybe be strengthened, because I think it would be awful to have someone be able to steal someone else’s hard work. I chose to license my piece of work as Attribution CC BY. I chose this license, because I did not take any of the pictures myself, I just used Flickr to find photos on the creative commons and I would like to give other people the ability to build upon my work. When deciding on what kind of remix I wanted to make I knew immediately I wanted to use photos and not make a music remix. I chose to combine pictures of nature with pictures of industrial cities, because those two are very different. I chose photos from Flickr’s creative commons, and then made a collage out of them and combined them. The final product came out as I expected it too, and I’m very happy with how the contrast between the two came out.


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